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Lumin Data Recovery Software is a culmination of 21 years of market leadership.  With over 55,800 data recovery performed since 1995, CSSI is a pioneering success story and have earned its place among the top recovery firms on feats where most other DR companies failed. 

"Such storied is dotted across that globe...." from almost every single country in the continent.  This year, after a long anticipation, the Lumin Data Recovery Software has released and incorporates a powerful data recovery engine and a data extraction technology that you can own.

Lumin Data Recovery software is the brainchild of a handful of engineers who for the past several years created a PC level recovery software using sophisticated a powerful recovery algorithm that use unique technology to recover your data.  From files, images, digital records, multimedia, office documents, emails to a host of SQL and database files.  
Lumin Software has been developed with a simple user interface package that can be used by both the beginner and advanced PC user.  The core of the technology and data recovery algorithms operate within the software which analyses sectors down to the raw bit level (not block level like most other software), and use this unique ability to ‘re-piecing’ of data structures to recreate your data files that could have been lost or corrupted.
Most cases, imagine a jigsaw puzzle.  If the master file table, or defective sectors exist in a medium or are damaged, not many technologies have the ability to re-chain or “re-piece” the data.

This is attributed to the company 21 years of excellence and focus on development of internal technologies which have won CSSI many accolades and awards.  Today you can own this technology for your recovery needs.

Why is Lumin Software better?
Lumin data recovery is the latest on the market.  Its first commercial release launched at the start of 2015 after years of development and coding.  The company has 21 years of industry expertise having performed over 55,800 data recovery up until the start of 2015, and handles each data recovery case as unique and using the company set industry standards to result in the highest recovery rate and probability.  Below are highlights:
• Over 21 years of expertise, with coding and development of years under the bonnet of the software engine and algorithms used
• Company engineers who were former engineers from Seagate, WD, Quantum, LSI, Maxtor, Conner, Fujitsu and from a host of storage industries.
• 11 country offices (and growing), with a 24 hour development and support team, with an R&D facility in India.  Head office in South Africa.  Key offices based in USA, Europe, India, South Africa and partner offices in Brazil, Chile, UK, Indonesia, China, Serbia and Philippines.
• Winner of Ministers Awards, T-Systems (age of innovation), NPI Award, Top business awards, further list can be found here (http://www.cssi.co.za/about.php)
• The Only Data Recovery Company that has published audited data recovery success results in the world by an independent auditor.