How to clone a storage media.

Disk cloning is the operation of simulating the entire data on a hard disk into another hard disk. Disk cloning is a useful technique by which a storage drive can be copied by minimum effort with effective output. This technique is very useful in backing up of storage drive and for recovery purposes. The main concern behind data cloning is to keep backup of data so that you can recover it when needed. Apart From this, it will help in restoration of the operating system along with installed software  in case of hard drive replacement or Upgradation.   

How to recover PNG files

PNG- Portable Network Graphics is designed to make compatibility for the format GIF format. This format allows high compression rate over internet without loosing image data while downloading or saving or viewing the image. It is the only format which is recognized by the World Wide Web society and also supported by the various web browsers. The main aim of designing PNG is to transfer images over the internet. PNG format allows the image colors to fade from opaque to transparent. PNG is a single image format. PNG does not support for animation.

How to recover JPEG files

JPEG-Joint Photographic Expert Group is the most applied raw formats. JPEG is a standard of data compression and averaging color. Basically, it is designed for compressing the image or keeping the realism of the picture so that the picture would easily and clearly understood by the people without the pixel disorder (it happens when the picture is compressed too much).

An advance backup solution Raid 6

Raid (Redundant array of Inexpensive disks) technology is used for storing same data in multiple disk drives and increase performance or reliability of the data storage. Raid consist of two or more disk drives which works in parallel. There are six different levels of Raid to which data is distributed. Raid can be used for three different purposes capacity, security and performance.

Introduction to Data Recovery

Data recovery is a process  by which data is extracted or recovered from respective storage media to prevent data loss. Storage media are Hard Disk Drive, Memory Cards, Tapes, Mobile Phones, Personal Digital Gadgets, Floppy Disks, CDs, DVDs, etc. Data recovery are most common and important way to overcome data loss. It incorporates various technological research and real time application over the storage media for recovery means.