What  is Lumin?
Lumin is a  platform for utility software organized by Computer Storage Services India Private Limited. Initially, it comprises a package of recovery software.

What Lumin software do?
Lumin software is a service program which performs the  recovery operation for deleted or omitted information. If somebody lost his data or accidentally erased, then Lumin software is quite utilitarian in that scenario.

What Recovery means?
 Recovery implies for getting back things which are not accessed by general ways. Generally it involves technical solution when digital media is concerned. Digital media involves Photos, Documents, Audio, Video as an integral part.

What is Lumin Undelete?
If you have to retrieve your deleted, lost  or even formatted data then Lumin Undelete

What is Lumin Photo recovery?
Lumin Photo Recovery is an optimized recovery tool for the recovery of photos, audio-video and documents. It can recover photos of numerous formats.

How can I  use Lumin softwares?
First of all you you need to select the product according to your need. You can get proper information about softwares on the product page luminsoftware.com. Download the The particular software which suits your requirement.

Which type of data is recovered from Lumin software?
You can use Lumin for the recovery of audio, video, images and documents. Data  from various file system can also recover as FAT16, FAT32, EXFAT, NTFS.  

What Deleted Recovery means?
Deleted recovery implies for recovery of data which are either Deleted (shift+deleted) from the media.

What is Lost Recovery?
Lost Recovery is used in scenarios in which either of data or media is corrupted or formatted.

How I am able to use Lumin software?
You can download a demo of  the Lumin product at the product site.  You need to purchase this before saving recovered data.

What are licensing options for Lumin software(Lumin Undelete & Lumin Photo Recovery)?
The software can be installed and activated on a single computer with unlimited uses for  365 days from the date of purchasing Software. Single user license is computed-affixed, which means once the software is activated it is used only on a single machine.

How to contact Support?
Visit our website luminsoftware.com/support. You can generate a ticket by Email us.

Do you provide Phone Support?
No currently we aren’t providing any phone support. However, we do have tickets system over which user can get support from our side.