How to clone a storage media.

Disk cloning is the operation of simulating the entire data on a hard disk into another hard disk. Disk cloning is a useful technique by which a storage drive can be copied by minimum effort with effective output. This technique is very useful in backing up of storage drive and for recovery purposes. The main concern behind data cloning is to keep backup of data so that you can recover it when needed. Apart From this, it will help in restoration of the operating system along with installed software  in case of hard drive replacement or Upgradation.   

Lumin Disk Imager

Lumin Disk Image is a perfect disk  utility to perform disk operations like imaging, cloning, etc. This is mainly used to create backup of storage drives for avoiding any data insecurity. It incorporates imaging of a drive, along with cloning and some smart features (some drive parameters) for drive health update. Possess ability to create an exact replica of any drive to the destination drive, creation of an  image of the drive for a backup purpose, so that users can restore their machine if there is need to system restore or drive up-gradation. This will solicitous when someone needs to upgrade or replace drive as well as if any data loss scenario. It is an appropriate utility when there is a necessity for drive replacement, hard drive up-gradation. Apart from this, there exits some extra feature for drive health. The end user can get the health status of their drive. This will provide pre   This utility will provide quick time output as it possess simple and effective user interface and programmed to competence this product over a wide range of drive with numerous capacity.



Use of Disk cloning

You can copy your data from one drive to another drive simply copying files from one to another. what is the need of disk cloning?

Disk cloning allows you to copy those files which are hidden as well as the files which are not readable, or the files which are in use. It is an important process during data recovery when we need to backup entire data from affected storage media. This will ensure the recovery of data before the storage media become inaccessible. These are the some of the most typical scenarios which make complication when data is simply copied.

Innovative backup option: Disk cloning is a bit to bit copying procedure of files from one drive to another drive. It will copy the entire content of drive to another drive for the future use.

A new setup: If you are planning to shift your workstation, then you can use disk cloning. By using disk cloning you are liable to use the cloned drive with all the installed applications along with old files in the new system.

Restoration: You are allowed to restore your computer anytime with the help of clone drive. It will mitigate the effect of mishappening.

Make new user: If you want to add new user in your work group, you can easily clone your drive and transfer your files easily to them.

Cloning Process

A drive cloning process can be done by data recovery engineers. Since cloning incorporates copying of data from the source drive to the destination drive, so it is necessary to perform cloning with data recovery experts. There are several utilities, with high end algorithms which help in cloning drives within just a few clicks. To perform successful cloning by using utility first you have to select drive to be cloned then the destination drives to which the drive’s cloning is processed. You can make it your choice to select the part of the drive to which you want to clone by selecting sectors (sectors are the smallest memory block in the file system). For disk cloning, there are numerous software’s available you just need to find the appropriate one. You can take suggestion from recovery expert for enhance cloning.