How to recover PNG files

PNG- Portable Network Graphics is designed to make compatibility for the format GIF format. This format allows high compression rate over internet without loosing image data while downloading or saving or viewing the image. It is the only format which is recognized by the World Wide Web society and also supported by the various web browsers. The main aim of designing PNG is to transfer images over the internet. PNG format allows the image colors to fade from opaque to transparent. PNG is a single image format. PNG does not support for animation.

PNG is the only format which is used in most of the platform and set as default. PNG format doesn’t have any patent restrictions. It can be read and write freely, while other formats have patent rights. Other than this PNG format support variety of image coloring modes such as RGB, Indexed Color & Bitmap mode. PNG format allows you to apply background-independent effects like drop-shadows and glows.

PNG’s biggest advantage is it’s extraordinary compression techniques by which an image can be  compressed up to the most minimum size and can be edited and saved further.  One can use PNG if he didn’t want to compromise with the image quality as it provide lossless compression. PNG files are smaller than GIF with the same image data. PNG format has the capacity to be compressed both horizontally and vertically, hence solid block of color generally compresses better.

PNG format supports wide range of color palette than GIF and JPEG ad supports transparency and transparent backgrounds too. PNG file size is also smaller that is why it is used in most of the operating systems and web browser’s for faster loading of web pages and to give better performance on operating systems.

How to stay away from PNG loss..?

·         Save images properly.

·         Do not mishandle the computer system or the storage devices.

·         Moving data from one device to another should be done properly.

·         Virus attack should be the biggest issue.

·         Formatting should be a severe mistake that harm your drive.

Even if these all scenarios would happen, you don’t have to be scared. You have many options to sort out this issue, like asking assistance of a data recovery expert to get back your priceless images when you think that your images are lost. Actually, they are not lost they are just not visible to you, data is not visible to you. This is the case Lumin Photo Recovery software can help you recover your images.

Lumin Photo Recovery Windows


Lumin Photo Recovery is an influential and well optimized recovery tool. It is programmed in such a way that its user interface is simple and possesses critical efficiency while operating. This utility perform drive scanning operation for deleted data and for lost data. A large number of scanners are added to its internal configuration, which makes this software capable of performing on a variety of file formats.

The need of recovery is arisen due to loss of data in circumstances like hardware failure, logical failure and deletion of image from the storage. In all scenarios, we are not able to retrieve data from the storage media. Lumin Photo Recovery is capable of revitalizing all types of lost or deleted images along with audio, video and documents from storage media.