Introduction to Data Recovery

Data recovery is a process  by which data is extracted or recovered from respective storage media to prevent data loss. Storage media are Hard Disk Drive, Memory Cards, Tapes, Mobile Phones, Personal Digital Gadgets, Floppy Disks, CDs, DVDs, etc. Data recovery are most common and important way to overcome data loss. It incorporates various technological research and real time application over the storage media for recovery means.

Scenarios for data lost:

Data can be lost in numerous ways depends upon the scenario’s. There is always a strong probability of complete data loss if it is treated with temerity. There must require proper knowledge of scenario and  precautions which are imperiously.

Data Loss due to formation of Bad sectors: - Bad sectors are the area formed inside the Hard Drive. These are the areas which are non accessible and the drive header can’t read data at that particular location. Bad sectors are the most common cause of data lost in most of the time. The user should avoid the use of drive and try to recover data from Data Recovery Professionals.

Corruption in data: -  Bad sectors are the part of physical issue that causes data loss. Apart from this, data corruption, major cause  responsible for data loss. Data corruption implies any unwanted changes made in  data during reading, writing, storing and processing. Basically, in case of data corruption, some information of data is  either rearranged or deleted. So a corrupted data contains less or more information then the actual data. These corruptions can be easily overcome using recovery softwares or by consulting data recovery professionals.

Drive corrupted or Formatted: -  Sometimes storage drives are accidentally formatted or the drive is corrupted in either case no data is available for user access. To retrieve these data from corrupted of formatted drive they require proper assistance from data recovery professionals. The user can retrieve data on their own by using recovery software available for these types of work.

Virus attacks: -  viruses are one the most destructive scenarios responsible for data loss. The virus is computer generated programs which can produce corruption of data or drive both. To recover files which are virus affected is done only with the help of recovery professionals and it require immediate attention in order to prevent permanent data loss.


Data either photos or documents are most basic non replaceable thing in anyone’s life at the present time. With the technology enhancement its occupies some exceptional place in our life and we can't afford to lose. It is explicitly known how efficacious is data for us and it requires special attention  to keep it protected.  Nevertheless, if  you are amid of situation in which you are not able to access your data, then these can cause data loss. There are some basic steps which should be followed during recovery process:-

1.  Avoid using the media from which data is to be recovered from immediate effect. This will enhance chances of data recovery.

2.  If you are using software for your recovery work then please consider suggestions from data recovery professionals. They will provide an appropriate solution for your problem.

3.  Data backup is also crucial precaution that should be taken. If some one have taken their data backup in regular interval then this will helpful while facing recovery.