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Lumin Disk Image

Lumin Disk Image

Lumin photo recovery for Windows image

Lumin Disk Image is a perfect utility for backup purpose, this utility can ensure complete system backup by replicating it on an elementary level that is block by block. This backup can further restore in case of any post data loss circumstances. This will save time and effort as well, also it maintain physical drive state after restoration. In addition, Lumin Disk Image offers a very basic but extremely important feature, which helps in identifying bad blocks or sectors (Unreadable sectors) on a hard drive.

  • Simple and optimized user interface which is compatible for every user.
  • Disk Cloning helps restoration of the operating system along with installed software  in case of hard drive replacement or Upgradation.
  • Disk Cloning incorporates numerous cloning module as per requirement as, forward cloning, Reverse cloning, Cloning from specific sector.
  • Imaging features enable elementary level (Block by Block) replication of data from any drive to the destination drive for future use.

System requirements for Lumin Disk Image

Windows 2000 Professional, Server and Advance Server.
Windows XP Professional and Home Edition.
Windows server 2003.
Windows Vista.
Windows 7(All Versions).
Windows 8 and 8.1.
There required minimum of 512MB of RAM and disk space
large enough for recovered data.
For proper install and configuration local administration permission is required.