Lumin Disk Image for Mac Features

Lumin Disk Image for Mac is a perfect disk utility to perform disk operations like imaging, cloning in case of switching workstation, disposing media or you need to create data backup. This is mainly used to create data backup of storage drives for avoiding any data loss  for Mac machine. It incorporates functionality for imaging of a drive, along with cloning for media which are mounted on a Mac system either physically or logically.

  • Simple and responsive user interface incorporates security message alert at every step which is compatible and convenient for every user.
  • Disk wiping enables the end user to wipe data by overwriting it several times to ensure it will be beyond recovery.
  • Basic wiping module, Advance wiping and custom wiping module. Disk wiping incorporates numerous wiping module as per requirement and privacy needs.
  • Wipe complete physical media or logical media as per your requirement.


   Disk Imaging

     This feature will enable imaging module to create image of any source drive to any destination drive.


   Disk Cloning

    This feature will enable cloning module to create exact replica i,e clone of any source drive to destination drive.


   Backup Solution For Mac

    An appropiate backup solution for your media mounted on Mac machine.