Lumin Disk Wipe Features

Lumin Disk wipe, an optimized wiping utility incorporates basic, advanced and custom wiping module for media wiping and insures the data security for the end user. This is a powerful utility embedded with the numerous data wiping algorithms for wiping which enables the end user to erase complete data from any hard drive for the purpose of permanent volume data destruction. With Lumin Disk Wipe software you can wipe the complete physical media or specific logical partitions as per your requirement. It is quite useful when someone is switching workstation or in case of selling or disposing the physical media, since it allows the media to be reused by any other person without breaching your data privacy.

  • Simple and responsive user interface incorporates security message alert at every step which is compatible and convenient for every user.

  • Disk wiping enables the end user to wipe data by overwriting it several times to ensure it will be beyond recovery.

  • Basic wiping module, Advance wiping and custom wiping module. Disk wiping incorporates numerous wiping module as per requirement and privacy needs.

  • Wipe complete physical media or logical media as per your requirement.

  • Generates event log of data wiping this will help to analyze the performance as well as the wiping outputs.


Wipe Entire Media Data

Lumin disk wipe can wipe entire data from the media mounted either physically or logically


Ensure Data Privacy

Lumin disk wipe maintains data privacy by wiping media with standard wiping algorithm


Advanced Security Module 

Lumin disk wipe enables some advance wiping feature to ensure data wiping as per user's requirement.