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LUMIN Disk Wipe for Mac

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Lumin Disk Wipe for Mac is a utility that will wipe the storage media with some garbage value and thus ensures security against any kind of infringement of data privacy. Basically if you want to reuse the media when you are switching workstation, selling your storage media to someone or disposing it for some reasons then in such case use of disk wipe is recommended for the proper security of your personal data and to maintain data privacy. Lumin Disk wipe for MAC is a wonderful utility for the same purpose. It wipes out complete storage media with no limitation of disk size in very time critical and effective manner.

  • Lumin Disk Wipe for MAC can be used to wipe data from media mounted in the Mac systems, Internal and External memory of the Mac system, flash and USB drives etc.

  • This software is capable to wipe either complete physical media or logical media as needed.

  • It works with very secured and trusted data wiping algorithm used all along the globe.

  • Compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 the old one up to the latest Mac OS X Yosemite as well as El Capitan.

  • Optimized user interface  along with most secured and trusted data wiping algoritm embedded in its core..


Wipe Entire Physical Media

Lumin disk wipe can wipe entire data from the media mounted  physically with the Mac machine.


Wipe Selected Logical Media

Lumin disk wipe can wipe any selected logical partition from the Mac machine.


Advanced Security Module 

Lumin disk wipe for Mac enables some advance wiping algorithm to ensure data wiping as per user's requirement.


System requirements for Lumin Disk Wipe for Mac:

  • This software can only perform data wiping from systems having Mac based file system which are HFS or HFS+.

  • Supports 64-bit Mac OS X, MAC OS X 10.7 and above.

  • Lumin Disk Wipe for MAC can wipe all the media content either physical or logical in quick time.

  • They require minimum of 1GB of RAM 

  • For proper install and configuration local administration permission is required.